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Most people are able to take parent-child relationships for granted. When a child is born to a married couple in California, the father’s legal parental status is automatically assumed and granted. When two parents are unmarried, however, things can be decidedly more complicated.

For children born “out of wedlock,” motherhood is automatically established, but fatherhood is not. Paternity can be established in a few different ways, including signing an “Acknowledgement of Paternity” form. But if the father refuses to sign or the mother contests it, paternity will need to be established through a court proceeding.

There are numerous reasons why men and women may seek or reject parental rights and responsibilities. Fazeli Law Group regularly represents both men and women in matters related to paternity – including assistance establishing or challenging paternity. Hedieh Fazeli has more than 13 years of experience as a Trained Minor’s Counsel, and she realizes just how important it is to the well-being of children to resolve paternity issues.

The Benefits And Obligations Associated With Establishing Paternity

Establishing paternity is more than just a matter of fixing paperwork and documentation. It comes with significant benefits as well as obligations:

  • The father gains standing to seek custody and visitation.
  • The child can now be covered under the father’s health insurance plan.
  • The child gains the right to inherit from the father.
  • Both parents will be listed on the birth certificate.
  • The father can be legally compelled to financially support the child.
  • The father may be required to provide reimbursement for expenses related to pregnancy and birth (if such actions are sought).

We are fortunate to be living in an age where the biological relationship between father and child can be quickly proven or disproven with a simple and painless test. Things were not always so easy.

But it is important to note that a matching DNA test alone is not enough to make a biological father a legal father. Parentage must be established through the courts (a process that typically includes DNA evidence) in order for the father to be granted legal rights and obligations. Our firm is ready to help you through this process from start to finish.

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