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Comprehensive, Compassionate Divorce And Custody Representation

Divorce is rarely ever a single legal action. Instead, it is an entire series of important decisions to be made and disputes to be settled. This is one reason why hiring the right attorney is so important. When you contact Fazeli Law Group, we will guide you through the entire divorce process and represent you in any related matter, including property division, financial support and child custody.

Skilled, Strategic Guidance In Asset And Debt Division

California is a “community property” state, meaning that nearly all assets and debts acquired during the marriage (by either spouse) are considered jointly owned and should generally be divided equally. It is possible to make exceptions to this rule, but doing so is best done with the help of an experienced attorney.

Our firm will ensure that all marital property/debt is thoroughly cataloged and correctly valued, and we will help you advocate for the specific assets that are most important to you. We will also ensure that you receive your fair share of sometimes overlooked assets like retirement accounts and pension plans.

Will Spousal Support Be Part Of Your Divorce?

Spousal support (sometimes called alimony), is not as common as it used to be, nor is it automatically awarded in each case. Instead, after one party requests spousal support, judges have considerable discretion to determine if it is necessary, how much should be paid and for how long.

There are many factors to consider in any spousal support proceeding. Whether you are seeking support or are trying to avoid paying support to your ex-spouse, our firm will help you present the strongest possible argument for your position on the matter.

Matters Related To Children: Custody And Financial Support

California courts are required to make custody and visitation decisions in the best interests of the children. In cases where both parents are considered fit, judges often find that keeping both parents involved in their children’s lives is best for kids. This doesn’t mean that both parents will retain equal time with their children, but a shared arrangement is typically the starting point in awarding custody.

If you believe that a different arrangement is needed for your children, we will help you advocate for it. Otherwise, we will work to help you craft a proposed parenting schedule that can be either submitted to the court or brought to your children’s other parent as a starting point for negotiations.

Modifications Of Custody Orders In Move-Away Cases

Relocating after divorce is often necessary or preferable for one or both parents. But what happens to the kids in this situation? If parents are bound to one another by any sort of custody or visitation arrangement, one parent cannot unilaterally decide to relocate with the children. A court decision is needed.

If you need to move and want to take your children with you, our firm can help you file a petition seeking court permission. If your co-parent is attempting to move with the kids, we can act quickly to seek court intervention to stop the relocation.

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