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What role does gender play in a divorce with adult children?

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2022 | Divorce |

Anyone divorcing in their 50s or 60s is likely to be free of the traditional child worries that complicate divorces earlier in life. When you divorce at this age, your kids have likely already flown the nest.

That does mean divorce will not come with problems for your kids. A relationship of massive importance to them is still about to end. Recent research found significant gender differences in how things change after a divorce.

Moms become more involved, and dads become more distant

Moms were twice as likely as dads to spend more time with their adult children than they did pre-divorce. For example, they may elect to move closer to their children or dedicate more time to looking after the grandkids.

The report found also found that dads’ contact with their kids cut down, on average, by half.

Remarriages increased the gender differences

When moms remarried, they still spent a lot of time with their kids. Dads tended to drift further from them, preferring to spend more time with their new partner. As men have a 37% chance of remarriage within 10 years compared to women’s 22% chance, it again does not bode well for adult children hoping to stay in regular contact with their dad.

Do fathers come out well in any aspect of this report?

They do when it comes to money. The study found dads upped the financial support for their adult children. Women tended not to, but this may be a generational thing, as it was common for these women to sacrifice their careers to raise the kids. Thus they put less money aside and are more likely to need the money for themselves.

Getting help to handle your divorce can help you buck the trend and ensure you are both in a position to be there for your adult children despite your divorce.