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Why is money such an issue in marriage and divorce?

On Behalf of | May 16, 2022 | Divorce |

Marriage is meant to be about love. So why do so many couples end their marriage fighting about money? Have they lost their moral compass? Or are they just realistic?

Romance can only take you so far. Any successful relationship relies on far more than wide-eyed love. It requires trust, communication, negotiation, respect, and having enough money to survive.

Unfortunately, couples can easily fall out over money. One person spends or gets into debt without telling the other, breaking the trust. Or, partners have different spending styles, making financial negotiations challenging and leading to arguments and, in some cases, to divorce.

Divorce comes at  a considerable financial cost

Once you decide to divorce, the money arguments may escalate further. Each party faces the scary prospect of trying to run a household on only one income when it may already have been a stretch to run one on two.

Aside from that, there are interim costs while the divorce is ongoing. For example: paying legal fees and renting an extra place to stay, all while your income may drop due to divorce occupying your time and thoughts.

So, worrying about money during marriage or divorce is not cynical or unromantic. It is practical. Money does not come for free, so there is no point in wasting money or giving up your right to the money that you gave up hours of your life to gain.

Getting legal help is the best way to ensure you understand what financial settlements you are entitled to in a divorce. Only then can you negotiate without giving away too much or wasting time fighting over unrealistic demands.