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How to handle summer holidays after divorce

On Behalf of | May 10, 2022 | Divorce |

School’s out for summer. Or at least it will be soon. As divorcing parents, it is crucial to think about how you will handle this.

You may both need to work more than before to afford the cost of running your own homes. Child care costs are so high that paying someone to cover may make working pointless. So what can you do?

Co-ordinate your holidays

Your kids will have around 10 weeks off. If you each take a week of the paid holiday your employer allows you, that covers two weeks.

See if you can work from home some of the time

Many employers were forced to let people work from home during the last couple of years. Some may be happy for you to continue doing so, at least for a few days a week.

If both you and your spouse can do that, you could work it to cover the whole week between you. Bear in mind it might not be much fun for you or the kids, especially if they are young and need constant attention.

Call on family

This is a great reason to avoid alienating your inlaws during your divorce. If each set of grandparents can help out a little during the summer, it can make a massive difference.

Make use of local organizations offering holiday activities

There are many summer clubs and classes available, and it is a great way for kids to have fun, learn new skills, and allow their parents to work.

The key to making the summer holidays easier is maintaining good communication with the other parent. The less you fight and argue during the divorce, the simpler it will be. Getting help to make your divorce smoother is a great first step.