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Factors to weigh when you share custody of an infant

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2021 | Child Custody |

If there’s one detail most individuals know about babies, it’s that they require a lot of special attention in their earlier months. It’s quite the feat trying to get them in a routine with their sleeping and eating. 

The thought of sharing custody of an infant may come off as jarring to you. It’s likely that it may have that impact on your baby as well. It can seem unfathomable having to share custody when you’re just getting in the groove of breastfeeding, and you’re worried shared custody could make bonding harder.

What can you do? There are strategies you can employ to ensure that your child gets to spend time with each parent. 

Consider modified visitation when you have a newborn

Most new parents lack the parenting skills necessary to independently care for a newborn. You two both may feel more comfortable having one another nearby to ask questions if you’re unsure if you’re doing something right. 

If you can’t bear to live together, but can’t imagine missing a day in your child’s life, then you may want to schedule a few different 30-minute to hour-long visitation periods each day. Doing so will give you an opportunity to bond with your child and grow your parenting skills. 

You may decide to spend longer amounts of time with your baby, including overnights, as your parenting skills grow and your baby gets on a better sleeping and feeding schedule.

Devising a custodial plan for your infant

What’s right for one family may not work at all for another. Coming up with a parenting plan for your baby isn’t likely to be an easy thing to do, but if you put your child’s interests first, things may better fall into place. Having someone who has aided others in devising parenting plans for situations like yours walk you through the process can make it easier.