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Ready to tell the kids about your divorce? Get a plan together

On Behalf of | May 1, 2021 | Divorce |

If you’re getting divorced, you know that there is an inevitable conversation coming with your children. You need to inform them about the split and make sure that your entire family is on the same page. 

This can be a difficult conversation on many levels, even when both you and your spouse agree that a divorce is the best option. To make things go smoothly, you need to have a plan

What your plan should entail

As you plan out how this conversation will take place, here are a few suggestions to keep in mind:

  • You want to choose a safe, comfortable location where the children feel secure. Familiar surroundings can be comforting.
  • You need to choose a time when there are no deadlines or other pressing matters so that you can talk for as long as is needed.
  • This shouldn’t just be a conversation where you talk to the children, but one where they get to react, ask questions and seek information from you.
  • Ideally, your whole family should be present: You, your spouse and all of your children. That way, you can all remain on the same page.
  • You may want to jot down notes about important points so that you don’t forget or overlook anything. At the same time, though, remember that this conversation may take other turns depending on how the children react and what they ask.

As you can see, the key is to have a rough plan that focuses on these main areas, while still being flexible enough that you can address your children’s specific needs. As you do all of this, make sure you also take the time to consider your legal options and the steps you’ll need to take for a successful divorce.