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What can you do to help your child cope with your California divorce?

On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2021 | Divorce |

Spouses often worry about how hard it’s going to be once they divorce. They often don’t realize how much their divorce impacts their kids until they start having behavioral problems at school or home, though. 

There are ways that parents can take charge of the situation so that their child can feel supported as they learn to cope with their parents’ divorce. These include:

Keep things consistent

One of the best things you can do as a divorcing parent is keeping routines as consistent as possible. Kids tend to thrive on stability. If you keep things as normal as possible, there will be less reason for them to adjust to changing circumstances, thus regulating their mood.

Listen to your child

You should also take time to lend your child a listening ear. You should encourage them to speak up when they have something to say so that they don’t feel that they have to keep it inside.

Ease your child’s fears

You should always let your child know that your marriage didn’t fail because of anything that they did. It’s always best to remind your child that your love for them is just as strong as it was before your split. 

Find a way to work with your co-parent

You and your ex should never speak poorly about one another around your child. You should aim to get on the same page in terms of ground rules as well. Continuity is key here. The less your child feels like they have to take sides and constantly adapt to different house rules, the more likely it is that they’ll maintain consistent emotions during and after your divorce. 

Minimizing the impact your divorce has on your kids

Having an attorney step in and negotiate custody arrangements with your ex may help your divorce process go more smoothly. A peaceful divorce can help you and your ex craft a workable parenting and custody plan for the future.