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A brief overview of basic California divorce laws

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2021 | Divorce |

Those who have never been through a divorce usually feel fear about the legal process of ending a marriage. Although understandable, excessive apprehension can affect all your feelings. Keeping your emotions in check when approaching a divorce is critical as it can improve your coping abilities. For many, it helps to learn about the law.

While divorce is somewhat similar in all 50 states, it is not the same. What seems like a tiny difference can have a huge impact if you fail to understand the law.

Laws affecting divorce in California

The following section can help you understand what is happening throughout your divorce. If you feel you need to learn more, consider reaching out for guidance. Asking an attorney for more information also gives you a legal advocate to protect your best interests when divorcing.

  • How long does it take? If your divorce is messy or involves valuable assets, it could take a long time. A straightforward divorce with few conflicts and a minimum of assets will take at least six months to complete. 
  • What are the state’s divorce grounds? California has only two acceptable divorce grounds. The first is irreconcilable differences, which means that you and your spouse can no longer get along. The second is incurable insanity, which is self-explanatory (and rare). Most couples end their marriage because they simply are unhappy together.
  • What are the residency requirements for divorce? You or your spouse must have resided in the state for at least six months. Further, one of you must have lived in the county where filing for at least three months.

As you can see, the basic laws governing divorce in the state are easy to understand. In the future, this blog will take a more in-depth look at divorce in California, so please visit back often.